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Alright! Here it goes... Our first ever blog post on MISSHOLLYWOOF.COM - A Day In The Life Of The Hollywood Dog Mom. Well, what is more "LA" than a Sunday stroll on Melrose? Let the adventure begin:


We started the day off at 'Carrera Cafe', a charming European style Cafe specializing in Espresso, but wait, there's more! What is better than a quaint caffeinated beverage? Umm..


I know. Life is complete. You can order any custom drink with a picture of your choosing thanks to a nifty contraption called 'Coffee Ripples' Check it out! Oh, and no coffee is complete without a sweet treat, right? Carrera stocks 'Fonuts' or as I call them...Guilt Free Donuts! I paired my Iced Almond Milk Latte with a Gluten Free/Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Fonut. Much needed fuel for a busy day ahead!

Where is Carerra Cafe located? Well if you give directions based off landmarks like I do, you'll never miss this one. It is located directly across the street from...

The Legendary Hot Pink #PAULSMITHLA Flagship Store

Apparently, Sassi and I weren't official "LA Girls" until we had a photo in front of this infamous wall. So, When in Rome... It's a Melrose Must-Do!

Melrose Avenue is a colorful collection of stores and restaurants ranging from high-end designer to quirky eclectic. Made famous by the 80's hit TV show 'Melrose Place', it is a LA staple for tourists and residents alike.

Tons of fans flock to what looks like something out of a Barbie Fairy Tale to strike a pose against the 'Paul Smith' store front. No professional cameras allowed so make sure your phone is charged! All photo's on this post brought to you by The iPhone 7+.

Oh, did I mention that Sassi has a bit, (huge exaggeration- a lot) of separation anxiety haha... "Mom, pick me up! Pick me up!"

LA is notorious for bad traffic. So it's only natural that parking spots are few and far between. After lucking out and finding a needle in the street parking hay stack, we decided we'd leave our car there and get some shopper's cardio by...

Walking to our next stop: The Melrose Trading Post

We may or may not have popped into a few stores out of our price range not only to drool & dream but more importantly, to take advantage of their A/C.

Postin' Up at The Melrose Trading Post

The MTP welcomes around 5,000 people every Sunday at the corner of Melrose Avenue and Fairfax. It is a hipster's paradise with artisan goods, nic-nac, vintage clothing and antiques galore! If you live in LA, you're likely to have furnished a good amount of your home with odd and ends from this weekly market. Sassi and I even found several cute vendor booths with doggy fashions and accessories. Since we're both foodies, we followed our noses to the food court. There were tons of food trucks and delicious home-made snack stations. With an ice-cold lemonade in hand, we opted for a shady spot next to the stage where we were serenaded with the beautiful melodies of an upcoming acoustic artist. is good.

After a quick recharge, we were headed to our next, and final stop...

The Farmer's Market at The Grove

This has been a trendy spot since 1934 with it's gourmet grocery's and neighboring boutiques. Sunday was "National Ice Cream Day" so I took Sassi to "The Bakery For Dogs" where she sampled pooch friendly baked goods and soft serve! As if that wasn't enough, she insisted on stealing a lick of my old fashioned 'Bennett's Ice Cream'.

We definitely had a #SundayFunday for the books! Stay tuned for our next Mommy - Dogter Day Out!


Sassi & Brooke


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