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Those are the three words that came to mind when Sassi and I stumbled upon 'Only In Beverly Hills'

a local 90210 boutique with glam accessories & apparel (for both human and posh pooch alike).

Like most millennials, I found Only in BH via Instagram and had to pace myself shortly after I made my way to their online shop and wanted to click "Add To Cart" on everything I saw. After exercising the very trying task of will power, I narrowed it down to one item for each of us (at least 'til next pay day...)

I mean who doesn't love a bit of online shopping? My order arrived the next day, just in time for our Saturday stroll down Rodeo Drive!

I'm ALL about the details and let me tell you...'Only In Beverly Hills' pulled out all the stops.

Check out our un-boxing video below to see how they delivered with style!

While The Greater Los Angeles Area is probably the most dog friendly spot on the map, nothing screams 'Beverly Hills' more than a tiny, fluffy, white dog being paraded around in a pink top and matching bow. You can find several adorable graphic tees with trendy catch phrases on but,

Sassi's #OOTD reps "Posh Pooch 90210" across the back, and frankly, I just don't think it could be any more perfect. While Sassi's wardrobe contains lots of pink garments, none dote the same lavish gold lettering and detail. Fellow Teacup Fur Baby Mama's will hear me when I say that it can be rather difficult to find petite sizes for those 4 pounds and under. I've had to stitch up several of Sassi's dresses so that she doesn't step out of the arm holes, etc. SOOO... when this perfectly pink getup arrived I was beyond excited to find a top that fit her perfectly.

I am a self-diagnosed Crazy Dog Mom and have absolutely no shame admitting it. Even though I coordinate my outfits with my dogter, I still aim to look as fashionable as possible while doing so.

"Always Classy, Never Trashy" as they say. This classic 'Beverly Hills Graphic Tank' pairs perfectly with my go-to black skinny jeans and pointed toe pumps. In this high-neck flowly silhouette, I feel tres chic! It's perfect for the summer, but I will definitely be transitioning this look into Fall with a cute black leather jacket. Yes, I know, my whole wardrobe is just different variations of black; but a wise man once said...

"Women Who Wear Black Lead Colorful Lives"

To let good outfits like these go unseen would be a crime, so without further ado, we gallivanted down Beverly Drive to the latest happening spot...


The newest of these neighborhood coffee shops that trademarked the slogan "But First, Coffee" opened it's doors less than a week ago, and Sass and I may or may not have already frequented several times this week.

My best friend (and taker of all the photos in my first two blog posts), Chanel, has captured the essence of this charming bistro perfectly in her latest blog post ( Check out her page for more content on Alfred and Beverly Hills.

You Can Take The Girl Outta Texas, Butcha Can't Take The Texas Outta The Girl

As soon as we hit the grass of the 'Beverly Gardens Park', my shoes came off and my hair went up!

Sure, every girl might love day dreaming about the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, but at the end of the day nothing beats kicking-back and letting go! There's enough hoity-toitys taking life too seriously in this town. We're all guilty of wanting to Photoshop or Botox away our wrinkles, but those "unwanted lines and crows feet" are the result of a lot of smiling and uncontrollable laughter throughout our lives. Moments like these that I will treasure forever:

We ended our Mother-Dogter outting with a big bowl of pasta and it t'was a "lovely bella notte" indeed!

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