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From LA to Vegas then Houston & back...Sassi and I have had quite an eventful week.

So, I figured we'd set aside this post to share some of our favorite #TRAVELTIPS!

We had friends visiting from The UK, so we had fun playing tourist in our own town.

Living so close to Runyon Canyon & The Hollywood Sign Hiking Trail, Sassi and I love taking advantage of the bits of nature we can find in the city. Yes, Sassi is under five pounds, but don't let her size fool you. She is full of energy, and makes it to the top of the mountain every time!

I always bring a water bottle and her collapsible bowl from BARK Industries. It's super light weight & easily clips on to my

fanny-pack or harness.

Traveling down hill with her can be a bit challenging, mostly due to my lack of coordination lol.

The next product I am about to introduce you to is a staple piece in our everyday wardrobe & travel essentials.

I bought this ridiculous , what I refer to as a 'Baby Bjorn for my Dog' on Amazon a few years ago. There are tons of sizes and patterns to choose from, and while you'll have to sacrifice your pride, I can guarantee your pup will LOVE it! It also frees up your hands for shopping, photo-taking, or catching your balance as you struggle down that steep hike trail (I speak from experience.) As soon as I pull it out of the cupboard, Sassi can't contain her excitement. She knows that harness means she's going out on the town with mom. She gets so relaxed once I put her in the papoos, she often falls asleep.

This especially came in handy when we went to Las Vegas for the weekend. I didn't want to leave her in the hotel room by herself all day, so I strapped her in and we were off to explore The Strip!

Because we live in LA and are only a four hour drive away from Sin City, we decided to

I could travel confidentially knowing Sassi was buckled up in her PUPSAVER.

PUPSAVER is the only crash tested pet car-seat, and comes in multiple sizes to ensure safety for all sizes! Scroll over on the IG post below to learn more.

March is Caffeine Awareness Month, so I know I should use this space to encourage you to lower your coffee intake, however, I find my Iced Cold Brew essential on lengthy drives (and, well, everyday).

I also find that it tastes better in my new adorable thermos.

Special thanks to my Hair Dresser & Family-Friend Diana Mitchell for handcrafting this beautiful insulated travel tumbler for me!

She can custom make one just in-time for your next adventure, so holler at me if ya want to place an order with her.


When it comes to planning vacations with Sassi, I consider myself very fortunate. Because she is so small and low-maintenance, I never have to worry too much about Pet Relief Areas etc. However, I have found one website in particular very helpful when making our itinerary:

They have a database of all the Pet-Friendly Hotels, Restaurants, Activities & Events in each city. They even list the pet-policies and additional fees per establishment. That is how we chose The Flamingo:

I mean, can we just take a moment to gawk over this fabulous pink décor?

You can't get more HOLLYWOOF than this!

As Dog-Friendly as Vegas is, we did leave Sassi in the hotel room when we went out for dinner & a show one evening. When I leave her alone in a new environment, I always bring her favorite toy, a new bone to occupy her, and something familiar like her bed. I will also put something of mine in her bed to cuddle with, like a cozy sweater or a sock!

From Vegas, we flew to my hometown of Houston, Texas. We usually fly Southwest Airlines, not only are they budget-friendly, but they are always so extremely accommodating of Sassi!

Sassi is a certified Emotional Support Animal, however I have seen several passengers board with their pets, and they are always treated with the same level of hospitality. Sassi does travel in a TSA approved carrier/backpack on wheels that we found at PetSmart. You want to make sure it can fit under the seat, if need be.

REMINDER: Always be sure to travel with your pet's medical records. I have made a folder that has all of her vaccine, flea/tick preventative history etc. It also has her ESA certification, vet/emergency contacts, and copy of her ID tags.

PRO TIP: Make sure to pack a sweater for your furiend. You never know when it might get chilly, or when National Cereal Day might approach and you'll need it for a photo-opp.

Two things before we part ways:

#1: I must admit something-

Last week I told you I would include some of my favorite Cruelty-Free Finds on the next post. I had every intent of including those on today's blog, however, I feel I have already ranted long enough and might lose your attention if I keep on with my long list of favs. So, I have saved them and will reveal those in a special #FRIDAYFINDS post!

#2: Say 'Hello' to our first ever #WOOFCRUSHWEDNESDAY -


Follow her rescuer/foster Colleen @deafdal for more updates! The caption below gives great insight on their journey thus far:

That's all for now folks!

I'll see ya right back here on Friday. Until then, be sure to check out our latest Instagram post to enter our #HOLLYWOOFWEDNESDAYS GIVEAWAY! We'll announce the winner here as well.

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