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Happy Fri-YAY Furiends!

This week we're spawtlighting a new brand we've discovered...


Bstaofy Toys & Gifts carries an adorable line of plush night light companions! With over 40 different types of stuffed animals, you can pick the perfect plush pal for your human or fur baby. They even offer a musical pillow that will lullaby your loved one to sleep!

Set up is super easy! Simply undo the velcro in the back and add 3 AA batteries (batteries not included). To turn on the multi-colored revolving LED light feature, press the button located on the Panda's paw. This is particularly great for toddlers who may be scared of the dark! With the convient auto-off feature, the lights will stop after 30 minutes. I will definitely be ordering one for my two year old nephew for his birthday coming up!

CLICK HERE to shop Bstaofy. They are also available via Amazon & ship super quick with Prime! We got ours the next day.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Miss Hollywoof & Sassi

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