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Happy Howlidays!

Christmas music is already playing on the radio & in nearly every department store across the nation, so I found it only fitting to write my own remix:

"She's making her list and checking it twice 'Good Dogs' are getting True Chews for being nice

Sassi Claus is comin to town!"

But real talk. These all natural, limited ingredient True Chews are the perfect present for your fur-baby this holiday season!

If you're next level #CrazyDogMom status like me, then I'm sure you check every ingredient listed on dog food labels. After all, nothing but the best for our dogters, right? So, when I found True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are only 7 (human-grade) ingredients; free from preservatives, corn, wheat, soy, & colored dyes.

True Chews are made & sourced right here in the USA with Protein as the #1 ingredient. They come in multiple flavors & bag sizes, making them the perfect gift for all of those pup parties you are sure to attend this season! I particularlly love the fact that they are so tender. Sassi is a whopping four pounds wringing wet, so their softens makes it easy to break apart into smaller portions for her. Sassi's cousins (my parent's dogs) are senior canines missing quite a few teeth, so these will be the perfect soft stocking stuffer for them to enjoy as well.

You can find True Chews at a myriad of locations. I personally stocked up at our local Petco here in West Hollywood. There were two aisles containing all of the True Chews variations, so it's safe to say Sassi sniffed out quite the Christmas List. Their affordable price point makes it easy to grab one of each flavor, ranging from $4.49-$24.99, depending on bag ounce size etc.

I have even seen True Chews in pet boutiques, Sassi's groomer for example carries them.

If you prefer online shopping, I have linked a few carriers below:

Pro Tip: True Chews even carries Cat Treats! They have something special for every furry four-legged friend.

Sassi donned all of her tricks for our Christmas Card shoot, thanks to her new favorite True Chews Treats! I already have one of our New Years Resolutions planned as well. I want to teach Sassi a new trick every month in 2020! I'm certain these Cuts & Grillers will make training time that much easier! Regardless of the outcome, I already look forward to all of the special moments we will share together this Holiday season & into the New Year!

Let us know what your favorite True Chews treat is in the comments below.

CLICK HERE to check them out on IG!

This post is sponsored by Tyson True Chews and all opinions are my own.

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