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It's easy to feel like you're flying by the seat of your pants in a busy city like Los Angeles, but Urban Exhale Yoga offers a calm away from the storm. This quaint hot yoga studio is nestled off La Brea Avenue & dons a cozy environment from the minute you walk in the door. Yes, yoga is all the rage in LA these days, but it's so refreshing to find a studio that feels like a community and not a "See & Be Seen" atmosphere.

Urban Exhale opened a year ago and I had the pleasure of taking my first few classes with the creator/owner himself, Joe K. They offer a wide variety of classes for all levels of yogis: from the rigorous FLOW- A heated vinyasa experience that blends dynamic movements & breath to FIT- focusing on core, challenging familiar poses with a tenacious spin. Other favorites include POWER & DETOX. Check out their website: for full descriptions.

In addition to their weekly schedule, they also offer fun community classes like 'Detox Yoga & Reiki Healing + New Moon Ceremony' & Sound Baths.

Urban Exhale is environmentally aware & offers incentives for those who walk or ride their bike to the studio. They sell mindful products ranging from vegan jewelry, clean burning candles, to GT's Komboucha on tap! So take a class & TREAT YO' SELF after.

Currently, students are participating in 'The Urban Challenge' a 30 day practice challenge that encourages commitment, consistency, & accountability.

Moment of Truth: I have been traveling for work the past two and a half weeks and have not lived-up to my own intention. HOWEVER, I just got back from San Diego and will be immersing myself back in the grind. That's what I want for the "Be difHERent" community... to know that life happens and when we fall off our resolutions, we get right back up and (in the words of Urban Exhale,) #RideTheWave .

I love nurturing my body inside & out, so when I find a beauty product I can add into my routine, I gotta share it with ya! Thanks to Miranda Kerr's new NONI GLOW Radiant Eye Oil infused with Rose Quartz, I can begin and end my day with positive vibrations of love and restoration. Pair that with her book of power thoughts & affirmations "Treasure Yourself" to find a quiet moment in your day and REPLENISH.

KORA Organics offers a range of holistic skincare products that are certified natural & organic and the best part ... CREUELTY FREE! They are never tested on animals and with the exception of 3 products containing beeswax, are VEGAN. As if Miranda couldn't be any more perfect, she goes and drops this line that supports everything I stand for. THANK. YOU. MIRANDA.

I'm obsessed with The Noni Glow Face Oil & Eye Oil & eager to try the rest!

I hope this post challenges you to do something for yourself today (even if you don't have access to a hot yoga studio or luxurious skincare). That's not what it's about.

Take time to pause & recharge. No, you may not be where you want to be, but I am a firm believer that we are always exactly where we NEED to be. Bloom where you are planted & grow through what you go through.

Spring has sprung. Let's celebrate new growth and the beauty in being difHERent!


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