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I decided to refrain from posting my latest blog in the midst of yesterday's Oscars chaos...

Instead, I figured I'd save it as a lil Monday Pick-Me-Up for ya.

Welcome to 'BE difHERent'- A Lifestyle Blog that celebrates the beauty in being uniquely YOU!

We're 5 Days into March and the first official day of Spring is right around the corner. That means every brunch loving babe is going to be flaunting their sun-kissed skin in no time. While I love a golden glow, healthy skin is always my priority. Living in LA means clear, sunny skies the majority of the year. That being said, SPF is my new best friend & my recent discovery of these age-preventive products are too good not to share! Drum roll please....let's give a round of applause for BIOPELLE!!!

With Beverly Hills in my backdoor, I have some of the industries greatest skincare products at my disposal. So, when I found out that BIOPELLE hailed from Michigan and not 90210, I was shocked. This clinically proven skincare powerhouse boasts a Tensage Growth Factor line that is seriously game changing. I just started using their Stem Cell Eye Cream that's packed with antioxidants, peptides, glycoproteins & retinol. Oh, and did I mention it contains CellPro Technology, a natural replenisher extracted from snail eggs?! Pair that with The Intensive Serum 40, and you're well on your way to #SKINGOALS. The 40 Ampoules were originally created for post procedure repair, but are great to use in your daily regime to combat sun & pollution damage. NEW FLASH: LA isn't known for it's air quality so, I'll need all The Intensive Serum I can get. I will keep you posted on my progress, as I am prone to dry skin and dark under-eye circles. I've heard rave reviews, including extreme decrease in fine lines, crows feet, and puffiness. Call me crazy but, I have already noticed a difference! I love that the Radiance Cream is lightly tinted, making it wearable day & night. My skin already looks more luminous after using both products for a short amount of time.

After all, if it's good enough for the ever flawless Reese Witherspoon, it's good enough for me!

Find your new go-to products on


Talk about being comfortable in your own skin...Introducing Harper Wilde - An online bra boutique that focuses on comfort & convenience. They offer FREE at home try ons & hassle free exchanges. As if we needed another excuse to love this BOSS BABE company, they #LiftUpTheLadies by donating to 'The Girls Project', empowering & educating young women.

Shop their collection at

Thank you for taking a break from this evening's finale of The Bachelor to read my latest post. Comment below with your Spring Obsessions and/or what you'd like me to cover next.

Have a great start to your week & never be afraid to BE difHERent!


Brooke Lacey


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